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Whether you’re a makeup lover or a makeup shamer, this is for you!

Make up…ummm, well it’s not new at all!

Women have been wearing makeup to accentuate their features and appear more attractive since the ancient times.

From our mythological serials actresses getup for the episodes, today’s Ekta Kapoor’s daily soaps to the working women and college going girls, makeup has a special place in every woman’s life. Isn’t it?

A little bit of foundation, concealer, brow pencil, mascara and lipstick is pretty what a modern busy woman needs to enhance her natural beauty and look fresh every day.

It’s the daily dose of confidence uplift and readiness to rock the world.

Nowadays, makeup is not only helping to improve the looks and hide the imperfections but also facilitating women and men who want to experiment with their appearance and diversify their looks using the power of makeup.

It is the kind of art that broke away from the professional makeup artists and became broadly accessible for more and more women and men.

If you want to witness the power of makeup or you are one of the makeup shamers who labeled people who love makeup as shallow, self-centered; the gallery is for you… 😉  These transformations Will Make You Rethink Your Own Routine–


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