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Why did you do this, Pratyusha?

Oh, 1st April, the April fool’s Day, as we call it. Today all social channels, WhatsApp etc are flooded with all types of jokes and funny quotes but this date reminds me of something else also. It’s the day when we lost a young and talented girl as she went far away; I am talking about Pratyusha Banerjee, our own Anandi of one of the most popular TV serial, Balika Vadhu. Yes, it’s her death anniversary today, Pratyusha committed suicide on 1st April 2016.

Balika Vadhu was very popular as it raised many issues related to women. The young and bold leading lady of this serial, Pratuyusha earned a place in every woman’s heart but was committing suicide her destiny? I am not here to discuss her life, what I want to focus here is the word ‘suicide’. What I fail to understand here is how any one person, one relationship, one circumstance, one event or one weak moment in your life can become more important than your life itself.

Everyday, in the newspaper we read so many cases of students committing suicide because of depression due to non-performance and fear of failing.

My question here is why do we make something or somebody so important that it becomes more significant than our own life. I am not undermining the importance of adjustment to come to an understanding in a relationship but not at the cost of your self-respect and definitely not your life.

The death of Pratuysha Banerjee had really shaken me. I didn’t know her as a person but what she portrayed on screen was an ideal for many. A bold girl with no tolerance towards injustice, a girl who had her own thoughts and guts to voice it. But what she did in her real life was really heart breaking. I really don’t know what she must have gone through.

But, all I want to ask- Is suicide the only option?

Pratyusha was a young, talented and a beautiful actress. She was just 24yrs and why she had no option left other than ending her own life, really bothers me. Where as we have so many people who have survived tragedies in their life and still fighting each day to live. Then why one relationship for her was ‘the’ thing in her life?

In my view, the crucial reason is the absence of love, love for own self. We are so busy pleasing others that we neglect the most important person/thing in our lives – our self. I am not against love but I have objections for love which is killing you. If somebody is making you feel wasted, unwanted, humiliated then I think you must end that relationship immediately, not your life. Kill that relationship before it kills you.

I understand that sometimes the situations in life become harsh and unbearable but the moment you feel like you are done, take the time to think logically. What about you and your desires that you had for your life? You are doing this for whom, for somebody who doesn’t care. So is it really worth?

Believe me, every single living being, from a beggar on the street to Ambanis in their Antilia, are facing their own part of struggles in life and we all have weak moments in our lives but in those weak moments when you feel all doors closed, you are stuck and the thoughts of ending your life dominates you, just rise and ask yourself is suicide the only way? What about your parents and loved ones who will be grieve stricken for rest of their lives?  Just do a reality check is that one person or one circumstance is bigger than all those who love you. Definitely NO.

I read it somewhere,

People who die by suicide, don’t want to end their life, they want to end their pain.

That’s exactly what my point is, why to end life if you only want to end that pain inside? Don’t you agree with me?

So, everyone who is reading this, no matter what life offers you face it boldly, talk to your friends & family and trust me there’s always a way out. Get rid of that sadness and the reason that is pushing you towards that end. Life is a beautiful gift of God and you have no rights to end it, even if it’s yours.

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