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Why do we ignore mental illness?

Today, my morning just like any other day had a normal beginning, I picked up my cup of tea and phone in another hand and while scrolling down the screen of my facebook, I came across a very interesting ad which highlighted the issue of depression. It forced me to think through it and what I concluded that our society is not only biased on caste, colour and religion but we have also been partial towards the diseases that we suffer from.

We are very conscious about our physical well-being, how we look, what we wear, what we eat and how are personality appeals to others but amidst all this hype and hoopla we have completely ignored the mental wellness.

First of all, no one talks about mental well-being and when someone tries to talk about it either they are being called mad or they are completely ignored. What makes me write this is that our country despite claiming to be prosperous and developing and a hub for so many growth opportunities is lacking on having happy citizen and trust me it’s not a matter of ignorance, rather it’s a matter of concern. As per the latest reports published by the United Nations, India ranks 122 in the list of happy nations and what makes me laugh (sarcastically) that even Pakistan and Bangladesh.

As per WHO’sreport in 2015 India had over 5 crores people suffering from depression.This is an alarming rate. People are so depressed and this illness is not restricted to low-income group, depression can affect anyone; you, me or anybody around us can be affected by it. Depression may sound cliché to many of us but it’s not, slowly this illness starts affecting our physical wellness and impacts ur personality too.

Hence, it’s important that we should start focussing on our mental well-being as well, try to stay happy and look for positive things around us. Even if you are not facing such issues, look around and talk to people who you think would be suffering from it. Spread happiness and stay happy this is the only way you can live a great life.

Happiness Quotient is not defined by the money that you earn rather it’s defined by how happy you are making that living.

Stay Happy !!!

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