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    Why Happy Couples Post Less About Their Relationship on Social Media!

    We all have that one friend who would share every bits and piece about his/her relationship on Facebook, social media has become the ultimate judge of how happy someone is in their personal life and relationships. In fact, researchers, have found out that genuinely happy couples post less on social media about their relationship, as they don't seek approval from others and rather than wasting time on typing long posts they prefer spending time together. I have found out some fascinating reasons why happy couples post less on social media:

    1. They don't need others approval

    Happy couples don't find the need to pose being happy on social media by sharing their date and outing pictures. They don't find the need for other people to perceive they are in a happy relationship.

    2. When you're happy, you'll have less time to click pictures

    That instant when you are with your partner and having utmost fun, you're naturally and genuinely enjoying that moment of happiness and joy. At this stage, you don’t have the time to be distracted by takings snaps and posting or checking social media.

    3. They know it makes no sense in sharing fights on social media

    Happy couples are far more mature in their way of handling arguments and tiffs, they know posting about fights online will not help them resolve any issue, instead it will just create more problems when others start taking the interest after all everyone likes free to gossip and feast.

    4. There is no need to seek validation from others

    The biggest strength of happy couples is that they don't seek approval from others, couples who are genuinely happy with each other. That means they don’t need to update others to get the feeling of acceptance, that they are happy in their relationship.

    5. They don't need to prove anything to others

    Couples who enjoy each other’s company and cherish the time spend with each other, they don't find the need to prove others that they are indeed happy. Thus, there is no need to post ‘bits and pieces of evidence".



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    Why Happy Couples Post Less About Their Relationship on Social Media!