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Why Happy Couples Post Less About Their Relationship on Social Media!

We all have that one friend who would share every bits and piece about his/her relationship on Facebook, social media has become the ultimate judge of how happy someone is in their personal life and relationships. In fact, researchers, have found out that genuinely happy couples post less on social media about their relationship, as they don’t seek approval from others and rather than wasting time on typing long posts they prefer spending time together. I have found out some fascinating reasons why happy couples post less on social media:

  1. They don’t need others approval

Happy couples don’t find the need to pose being happy on social media by sharing their date and outing pictures. They don’t find the need for other people to perceive they are in a happy relationship.

  1. When you’re happy, you’ll have less time to click pictures

That instant when you are with your partner and having utmost fun, you’re naturally and genuinely enjoying that moment of happiness and joy. At this stage, you don’t have the time to be distracted by takings snaps and posting or checking social media.

  1. They know it makes no sense in sharing fights on social media

Happy couples are far more mature in their way of handling arguments and tiffs, they know posting about fights online will not help them resolve any issue, instead it will just create more problems when others start taking the interest after all everyone likes free to gossip and feast.

  1. There is no need to seek validation from others

The biggest strength of happy couples is that they don’t seek approval from others, couples who are genuinely happy with each other. That means they don’t need to update others to get the feeling of acceptance, that they are happy in their relationship.

  1. They don’t need to prove anything to others

Couples who enjoy each other’s company and cherish the time spend with each other, they don’t find the need to prove others that they are indeed happy. Thus, there is no need to post ‘bits and pieces of evidence”.



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  1. Simi Chanana


  2. Namrata Leela Patil

    Fully agree.Infact I have observed that many of the people known to me who went overboard posting their couple pics,suddenly almost disappeared from Fb and ended up with a breakup sooner….very eerie.

    • Huh! Both are different topics. Lets stop mixing them and making illogical connect. Just because you met some people who had those experiences doesn’t relate to the whole world being that. And also, how do you know the cause of that incident. You don’t know it, you know just bits and pieces. I hope lets not build a story with our half-baked knowledge about people. I make an humble request.

      Personally, I shut my mouth and leave it to others. Its none of my business. I have my own views for my own life.

  3. Avni Patel

    And they do not “seek others Attention”

  4. Shreya Mukhopadhyay

    when you are happy you’ll have less time to click pictures-
    why is that?
    everyone clicks pictures to capture happy moments. couples who are private, just dont share it on social media.
    and all your other points are the same.

    • R ian

      It’s true that when you are enjoying the moment , you don’t click picture….I hate to click picture and destroy my pleasure ……

      • Suvayu Dutta

        Clicking pictures and preserving memories of that particular once in a lifetime moments are different. Now it depends … is clicking or preserving. …

        • Gra

          The answer is in the frequency, I’d imagine. If you see someone taking a selfie every day and night and collecting hundreds of them, that’s either hoarding, narcissism, or both.

    • Chelsey Morales

      It made no sense. I try and capture as many happy moments as I can because I want to be able to look back on the memory. A photo says a thousand words and can bring back a million memories, thoughts, and feelings. I get not posting every little detail but capturing photos and posting them all on Facebook are two entirely different things. Not to mention they expressed the same exact opinion just written differently in each “point”. The article was poorly written.

    • Caring Lioness

      I actually can relate because when i get with my boo, since we live 3 hrs apart, i honestly forget to take physical pictures since I’m so entranced in our “real” time. I do hate i forget though. 😁

  5. Payal Kulkarni

    The same point is put in different words 3 times – that they don’t need anyone’s approval, they don’t need validation from others, they don’t need to prove anything to others…
    I agree to the gist of this subject but could be written in a better way in the blog.

  6. Booti Sankhla

    About pictures n all I won’t say anything but that’s true a true happy couple doesn’t seek validation approval from others , and I really hate when people talk their better half via such a private long post publicly, very childish act though , u love her or love him ,u can tell them on phone or via letter ( very romantic way) ,why you telling everybody ,it doesn’t make any sense ,a true feeling of expression always remains inside the room because there is lot more to share with ur partner 😉 ..Lott morree they don’t waste time on posting post on media, they jus love each other they don’t tell any body that they are being romantic now pls log in on Facebook.

    • Well, that’s your view about how you see things. You mentioned about expression and feelings. That answers everything. Because everybody has a feeling and expression in their own free ways. And that has to be appreciated. Love has no particular way, but living a life of love in their own ways. Everything is right here. Let people be happy without interfering with others ways of doing things. Just because an individual does it differently doesn’t mean whole world has to do the same way. We live in a world where free-thinking has to be appreciated and individual’s lifestyle has to be accepted for themselves. Let the partners decide what they love and how they support each other. Let people mind their own business instead of preaching their ideas. Thank you!

  7. Anne Thomas

    you are happy with each other, and busy with each other sharing and talking that you don’t have time to think of the world. You are the world for each other.

  8. Harish Khurana

    This is written by a most frustrated & unhappy married person ….so giving such silly reasons… if a couple is happy they do spend time together & click picture to make memories last forever. Those who arare r not happy they don’t spend time together and dont click pixs & eventually doesn’t have anything to share on social media… this article is nothing but a story of a frustrated person….

    • Sabrina Achour

      I agree!

    • Apeksha Deshmukh

      Does that mean that people who do not actively post their private moments with their better half are unhappy and sad? Has social media become the measure for someone’s happiness? Or not? some people choose to keep their personal lives to themselves and instead of screaming to the world that they love each other, they convey it more romantically in person. By your post you are trying to imply that people who do not post regular couple updates are unhappy, which is absolutely illogical. There should be no generalization, its a matter of choice. Some people choose to display their affection over social media, some people like it to keep it personal. That doesn’t make one couple happier in their personal life than the other. As simple as that!

  9. Megha Bhomia Tiwari

    I agree this point we don’t need to show every time that we are enjoying with our partner it’s our own privacy. And we don’t need to prove others that we are together and happy. 🙂

  10. Zeerak Zubdah

    I think it’s so natural to them that they never feel the need to get it validated from other people – they dont actively even think about it – just like we never think about posting about our family

  11. Sonia Lasmin Laboni

    I think it’s more like genuine people than happy people who do not want post every moment if their life in social media. Often too busy or too sad couple also do not like to post their moment in social media. It’s really depends. We should not judge people by their post if they are happy or unhappy, again if we say that happy couple do not post pic because of all these reason, again we are judging them and judgemental people will try to make story out of it.

  12. Leave the decision to people and let them make a choice. It’s their life and they have every right to be right in their own way. Its personal freedom and that’s the highest form of life. I hope people do not fall to the articles without any thinking. Sharing the stories is great, but stop telling people what they gotta do. If someone likes social media, so be it. People may like sharing what they want. Its good and has to be appreciated for being themselves. Just because someone did it and that syncs with your belief system or thoughts doesn’t mean you are right or they are right. Everyone is right when they follow their visceral and live the life. Live and Let Live! Period.

  13. Erika Soontobdoctor Henderson

    I disagree, and not just because I’m a newlywed. We’ve posted/documented our times together since we became exclusive. It is both a testament of God’s goodness in our lives and moments frozen in time for us to enjoy over and over again. I truly love my husband and have enjoyed our journey. It’s a blessing to have breadcrumbs along the way to inspire those who think it’s too late to find love. I’m so grateful we’re together and I enjoy walking down memory lane every time I get a chance.

  14. Ritz Bagga

    I think the person who’s written this I one who doesn’t like to share her personal life with anyone & is finding it difficult to understand why people post on social media about their happy life it could be married or just being happy doing certain things which overwhelms them.
    I have often heard unhappy people reading their friends and relatives or some times out of jealously talking “fake people post everything about their life”
    But that’s not true I have posted the best moments of my life and when I get good comments on it I feel worth sharing.. it’s nice to spread bread crumbs and share about ways of finding happiness.its stupid to judge happy or unhappy basis the post. In fact I think unhappy people are more aloof and avoid being on social sites cause they have nothing to share.
    They spend more time trying to find a company to find some happiness.
    Bottom line love your self and post every happy moments, Make momoreies.

    • Damara L G Phillips

      ditto! dont think they are bashing ppl who do and the writer is not saying ppl who do are not happy.. just simply stating why ppl who are really happy don’t post about it

    • Christine kiki

      Ahhh haters let people enjoy what they want to do. If you’s don’t like it, let those who like posting their stuff online do it. They dont do it for approval from anybody. That’s what social media is for – Basic entertainment! And peoples lives, like it or not is part of it.

  15. Michelle Pereira

    Point 1, 4, and 5 mean the same thing. Who proof reads these things, anyway?

  16. Rhonda Thompson

    Three reasons why happy couples don’t post on social media.

  17. Shalon N Bell

    This article needs to be edited for grammatical errors but, nonetheless,
    whether you post a picture of your significant other or not doesn’t make one couple happier than the other. Some people are just more private than others. What’s the difference in people posting a thousands pics of their family members or new baby?

  18. Larita Dotson-Bowman

    This is just repeating the same reason and I do not agree with it. There are plenty happy couples that still share their moments. How about people are balance with their time and so not like it have time to post on social media unnecessarily. I’m happily married and have been for 25 years I’m 45 and I refrain from doing a lot because some of my friends relationships are not as happy so I feel like it may be hurtful to them.

  19. Ãldirich Ðemitri

    As we know, as the years go on so does the progression of other things. As it relates to this article, it definitely is redundant, but it negates the correlation between social media and modern day ‘PDA’ (public displays of affection). Is it okay to say that when I newly engaged couple continually post pictures, the months leading up to the wedding, that they’re doing it for validation. Does this article suggest that they need to focus on each other and not taking pictures? I’m being facetious.

    Moreover, for “couples” (unmarried), do you all feel that social media postings are simply announcements of a union and an official announcement that those individuals are off the market? We all know that “social” media followers and friends are mostly strangers with no insight to your REAL life, if those we label friends don’t know about life events, such as relationships.

    Tell me how you feel! 👍

  20. Sofia Lindgren-Barrezueta

    I’m amused by the psychology of the article. To me, it’s essentially saying, “post less about your relationship to show others you’re in a happy relationship.” Way to use reverse psychology! I have a feeling somene got sick & tired of all the relationship posts they get on their newsfeed.

  21. Dustin Zebby Zebatov Evans

    I think it’s funny when people talk about their kids constantly like anyone gives a shit, then have the audacity to tell me I complain too much about shitty drivers.

    I’ll post about what I want, when I want to.

    Really, the good points should be posted about, so the negative doesn’t stand out so much.

    Like at work when you do something good, you don’t get a sheet of paper with a star on it, because that’s expected. But the one time you screw up, oh boy do you hear about it.

  22. Judy Norman

    I liked the article and found it to be true I’ve been married 12 yss and very rarely do i post about us …

  23. TFors

    Your opening sentence was enough to stop me from reading the rest of the article. You should learn proper sentence structure if you want to be a writer. Or at least invest in a good editor who can correct your mistakes.

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