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Why Should You Read Daily?

There is no better vacation than a book and a relaxing sit out in a calmer place where I am actually not needed for a hundred of things. Well, as dreaming goes, this is one of many such. However, reading is one habit which everyone should develop. As earlier you can start reading the alphabets. Introduce your children to various books that make them read and love it. Trust me! Books and pets are the best friends in your life that you can trust them forever.

I have been an avid reader since I was a child. Started with children magazines, comics etc. Slowly grew up to reading children novels, and other short stories that interested me. All that I can remember is I was always found with a book. Not that I was a bookworm. I did socialize fairly well like any other of my age. My point is I grew up with the habit of reading books.

You may want to ask why we have to read or how does it help? It helps in many ways.

1. Stimulation

You must have heard “ use it or lose it”. Our brain also needs exercise and reading is one such habit that gives a wonderful exercise to our brain. Believe me! It’s a far better practice than watching those endless “saas-bahu” soaps that give your brain a bad workout which can end up in multiple damages of relationships.

2. Gives knowledge

Needless to say that books improve your knowledge. I write articles but for every article I research, know facts and then I write. In the process, I learn so many new things which help in gaining knowledge. One of the reasons why I love to write. In other words, to write, I read. So reading helps in gaining knowledge.

3. Improves vocabulary

The more you read, the newer words you learn. It always helps to speak good vocabulary whichever profession you might be in. Learning good vocabulary always helped me to make good conversation with all kind of people. Being active in any conversation is a needed trait to be successful.

4. Better writing skills

Writing is a basic knowledge needed in most professions. One might think that only writers need to have good language skills. Good writing skills are required if you want to be on top with your higher officials and have a good rapport.

5. Best entertainment

Reading your favorite novel that keeps you engaged for hours is the best entertainment. At least for me, it is. I read all kind of genre and there are so many. Fiction, non-fiction, self-help, motivational etc. When I need help, it is the good book I turn to. When am bored, there I have a book for company. When I am traveling, all I need is my Kindle.

It depends on what you read and how you read. To develop a habit of reading, begin with those books that you always wanted to learn and know more. There is no best way to spend your time than with a book that can help you on so many levels.

Are you also a good reader and got a favorite book that you love. Share it in the comments and let others also try it out.

Happy Reading!!

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