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Why the mind is always preferred over emotions?

The phrase ‘the heart wells up’ suggests that our heart is a vessel with the capacity to hold something. When we fill it with love – the heart wells up with these emotions, making us float.

When the world empties it – a gaping hole is left – forming a knot in the centre of the chest.

All of us have felt an overflow of happiness or gripping paralysis of emptiness in our chest at some point in our lives. If you are reading this blabber and you have not felt these emotions, I advise you to come back to this article after a few years of experience and maturity in your life.

Why then in this era do people disregard emotions and talks of the heart? The mind and its accomplishments are preferred over emotions. Personally, except for a few close friends I have, I have noticed people getting uncomfortable with any suggestion of emotional conversation. Groups of people are comfortable talking about immaterial things while sipping drinks and looking at blank walls. Why are conversations sidestepped to make then sans emotions and hence comfortable?

I wonder sometimes that if people decided to let loose with emotions and welcomed conversations with open arms, wouldn’t our friends, family and acquaintances feel more supported? If we did not have to consider the implications of telling someone at a party that we are disturbed or upset because of something that happened – wouldn’t that be easier than putting up a mask because you do not want to be a party pooper?

Don’t mean to imply that we should turn all the parties and hangouts into counseling or therapy sessions – my radical friends with low EQ often interpret my discourse to equate to therapy. It probably means showing kindness and warmth to those who need it on the days when their spirits are damp. Just because they cannot get up and break into a foxtrot with you in a party does not imply they are not worth your investment.

I guess it depends on how you look at the world, but for most people, it seems pretty rough.

Saw this little hanging in a tea parlour somewhere – ‘Throw kindness around like confetti’. Do we throw kindness around like confetti around us?! If I was to be honest with myself. Sometimes….often, not so much.

I wish we could do it – without discrimination based on time of friendship, quality of friendship or circumstance.

At the end, all that matters is how kindly we lived and how much we were understood.

‘Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti’…..I wish we could do it!

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