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Why We Indians Follow Self-Styled Godmen and Godwomen Blindly??

Years back when the case of the self-styled Godman Nithyananda came out and all his misdoings were recorded and were dragged to the courts, I was slightly shocked that how can anyone believe a man who calls himself as a Godman, so deeply and completely. Yes! There might have been few good guru’s(Godmen) who preached strong values and truly helped those in need. But in today’s world can we believe or trust anyone at all?

On a recent case of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, one of the Godmen being convicted, the details were chilling to the bone of all the crime he had done. It’s not just him, but there are plenty more who call themselves as the slaves of God and all they want to do is God’s work. Who defined what is Gods work?

Yet, knowing all these, seeing so many cases every day one by one these so-called self-styled Godmen and Godwomen come to light about their wrong doings. We Indians still believe blindly either in someone new or as stupid as it sounds we fail to accept the facts and go on following the one who is caught in crime list. A big question, why do we do this?

The main reason is our Indian mind set. Indians believe in many things based on stories they are asked to follow down the generations. Those beliefs are not questioned and when you do, you become an outcast. Here are some of the reasons that make us believe in someone so easily who spins trick as a magic and makes you think it is the power of God.

1.Belief in superstitions

We have got so many superstitions that we lose count. All though we follow every one of them without any questions, without a thought. A lot many of them made sense for the time it was made. But times are changing yet people are not ready to change. The fear that is rooted in the minds that not following certain things can bring a bad luck, destroy your future is one of the main reason for doing things that we very well know is a stupidity. The best example is the forwarded messages in whats app and other chat apps we get, that says “send it to 10 people and you will have good luck within a day”. We very well know such things are lies, yet many still forward it to all groups hoping for some good luck. Few people reason, that it is due to respect to our elders, we follow certain superstitions. But don’t you think, tossing aged parents without love and care is more heinous disrespect than stopping to follow an age old practice which makes no sense in today’s era?

2. Fan and celebrity crazy

Indians are fond of their leaders, politicians, actors, and actresses. People all over the world too, act with a certain level celebrity worshipping but we take it to the next level. If you need any proof with that, just remember how there are temples built in the name of actors and then how celebrities are worshipped. There is a certain level of madness among us that we overdo it just because an actor simply does his or her job. Seriously I wonder how much of their bank account helped the common man for him/her to become worshippable.

3. Majority of Depression

A recent survey showed that India ranks high with depression among its citizens. The reason is people work here continuously without proper breaks and there is no much time spent with family and on vacations. This has resulted in depression among many people and due to which people look for help from any other source. Of course falling in the trap of a promise of enlightenment from con Godmen and Godwomen.

4. Lack of self-confidence

If depression is one reason, lack of confidence and self-belief is another major reason. We Indians easily believe any other person(Godmen) than to do what we think is right. Lack of self-confidence makes us follow blindly another person who is authoritative, and is full of false promises. Looking for an easy way of getting things done is one of the main reason for people getting cheated in the name of God.

It’s high time that we start believing in self and not look for appreciation from someone else. If you believe in God, believe in doing good to the mankind. There is no better satisfaction than helping someone in need without any expectation, without asking anything in return. Follow your inner voice and be a self-dictator.

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