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Why you must stay away from home for college?

Moving out of my parent’s cocoon earlier than some of my friends, I think was one of the best things that happened in my life. Life teaches us many things and makes us what we could never be without moving out of the house and start living on our own. Although I was dependent financially on my parents, I still learned many things by being on my own.

Here is what we learn when we stay away from parents which build you in a way that no other can teach.

1. Introducing yourself and starting a conversation

Trust me, this may sound very simple, but as long as we were with our parents they always do the job and we just stand there smiling or probably not even that. My first day of college, being alone in a new and bigger place made me nervous. With no option left, I gathered courage, introduced myself, made new friends, met new people and learned how to get along. So you don’t become nervous anymore and trust me, that really helps in coming years of life.

2. You begin to be a money manager and expense controller 

Spending money from your mother or father’s wallet is way much different from maintaining an account on monthly basis for the amount you need to spend depending on the monthly allowances you get from your parents. With time you learn to note down your expenditure and cut down unnecessary expenses. So, Money management course comes free with hostel life. 🙂

3. Chance to meet people of all types

When you move out of the home, you not only meet new people but also stay with them. I stayed in a girl’s private hostel where I shared my room with four other girls. Each was from a different place and were studying different courses. The way each one of them inspired me is unforgettable even today. In the three years of my course, I changed rooms plenty of times and met many new people who taught me different things in life. Life becomes a social lounge.

4. You realize you are not grown up

It is cool to shout at our parents every time, “Mom, please! I am grown up enough, now”. But we actually realize we are not really a grown up until we are on our own. Times, we even may cry hoping we had our parents with us and miss them badly to hold us in their arms. But being alone and facing our problems teaches us to solve our problems by ourselves. Then is when we actually grow up.

5. We learn to value the Home food

It’s the time when you start realising that “Mess” is actually a mess and lucky you were when you used to get ‘ Ma ke haath ka khana’. With time, you even forget the name of the vegetables and remember only one that you see in a mess,…..You guessed it right! It has to be nothing else but hostel’s national vegetable “Potatoes”. You get them anytime and every time.

6. You become responsible

You become independent and self-reliant, yes you really do! You learn to- get up on your own, keep things at proper places, remember all that is important on your own…mobile reminders really help, be on time everywhere, wash your utensils and clothes. We learn many good things like we can adjust to all situations. We become more careful and responsible human-beings.

7. You become a sharer and helper

You learn to help, share and seek help from others around you. No topic, no assignment seems difficult because everybody helps everybody. The culture of healthy competition and mutual co operation develops within you.

8. You master the art of adjustment

Back at home, while you behaved like a king or queen of the house, staying away from home teaches you to be adjusting with fewer resources. You master the art of living and enjoying life even with compromises and unavailability of things.

9.We start valuing the parents

They say to know the true value of love or to know how much you love someone, you need to go away from them. That’s what happens when you stay away from your parents, you will realize their value in your life. Not only parents, but we also realize how much we love our siblings as well that we start looking forward to getting back home for the vacation and eagerly wait for those delicious foods made by mom and the minute to minute arguments and fights with our siblings.

There is no better teacher than our own life experiences. Come out of your comfort zone and explore the world to enjoy life and also to learn better things. For parents, it might be difficult to send children away, but we have got to do it one day or the other. Children need to fly, let them a little sooner than later.

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