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When my 8 year old asked,”Will God eat from what we offer Him after puja?”

It was a Satya Narayan Bhagwan’s puja at home. My house was jam-packed with all my relatives and close friends, and of course with naughty kids running all around in the house.

We all were dressed up in new clothes filled with all the excitement especially my younger one who is 8, was thrilled to see so many people inside the house and was all set to witness the first ever puja at home.

So came the Pandit ji with his team and we handed over bags and bags of ‘Puja Samagri’ that he ordered in advance. While they started setting up the things and decorated the puja place, me and my hubby just got busy in checking the arrangements of Prasad and lunch to be served to all after the puja.

In few minutes, the Katha started, my little one was very hearing the story with utmost attention. No doubt, Pandit ji narrated the story(Katha) in a very interesting manner.

We did Katha then the Aarti and then comes the ‘Bhog’ part. We laid fruits, sweets, a thali full of all the delicacies prepared for Shri Satyanarayan ji. Pandit ji offered bhog with mantras. It was such a beautiful environment in the room. Then Pandit ji asked us to mix the prasad in all the preparation and distribute it among all.

We were about to get up and suddenly my little one suddenly shouted at top of his voice.

“Nooooooooooooo mom, Don’t pick up things from here. God has not eaten anything till now. See, all things are still kept as it is!!”

Everyone laughed in the room at his silly statement(they thought so)

But my curious little monkey was upset and he asked pandit ji,” Kya God ye sab khate hain?”

Pandit ji also laughed away and avoided to answer him. And there starts a chaos in my son’s mind.

After everybody left and we were in a relaxed mode, the question came again.

“Mom, why didn’t God eat anything from the offerings? or God doesn’t eat only, or He doesn’t exist only?”

Now I am in a fix. Please share ideas/explanation to satisfy his young but curious mind.

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