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Womanhood or Motherhood??…..a tough choice for us!

The saying goes that everything changes when you become a mother. Sure, I had heard that, but before I had kids I didn’t truly realize that everything would really change. Everything. From my hair to my clothes, how I chose my apartment to how I decorated it, how I eat to how I go to the bathroom, my entire life and not to forget the time I used to spend with my man.

Breakfast, lunch, cleaning, washing, school, homework, activities, sports practice, dinner……again breakfast……!!

You collapse into bed maybe hours after your spouse and wake up to do it all over again before him. If you have kids living under your roof, I know you’ve been there. And now that winter vacations have started, for many of us may mean you’re with your kids even more.

With all the things vying for our attention, marriage is under a tremendous amount of strain.

Many marriages suffer due to this strain. It’s hard to find time for each other in amongst the schedules and routines of life. Isn’t it??

Whether you are finding a minute together with your spouse or you are looking for a bit of a spark to take the marriage to another level, here are a few tried and tested ideas that may help-

Plan a date with your spouse

Life runs on plans already, so why not use a bit of this in marriage. You may think this will kill the passion and spontaneity… really? Why not plan a date with your spouse with arrangements for kids like Naani or Dadi (grandparents) to look after them for a day Or a friend maybe!

Let the kids know your marriage is important.

Show in your actions that even your marriage is important, especially to your kids. Let your kids eat before you and go play, spend time at the table with your spouse after they’re done. Your conversations will be interrupted surely ;), but it’s a great way to connect.

Let kids have family time.

If you’re lucky enough to have family close by, let the kids have a little family time while you and your spouse go out. The kids get someone new to play and interact with, while you get a break together. So not only do you and your spouse benefit from this time, your kids do as well.

Enjoy code language 😉

Obviously, with kids around all the time, it is really difficult to have deep and intimate conversations. With interruptions like kids washroom call, homework help, one kid tattling on the other or xyz, abc reasons, how cool would it be to woo your spouse in another language? Trust me, the code signs or language may sound kiddish but it not only helps keep romance flicker between you two but also builds a bond and connection with your spouse.

Kids in the home present many obstacles to passion in marriage, but they have a special way of adding joy to every day!

It is said that marriage is an effort. But what I believe is, the things in life that require effort have more value. Isn’t it??

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