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I will rise from the ashes, I will rise every time you make me fall!

Dear All,

This is my small dedication to all the women who have defeated the orthodox ideologies and hypocrisies and are fighting the battle to emerge as a winner in life. This poem is an expression of our strength, power, and thinking.

I will rise from the ashes, I will rise every time you make me fall.
The blames and allegations are not going to deter me to be what I am and whom I want to become.

Every time the world will knock me down, I will rise from the ashes.
Day and night are no different to me
If I want to become what I want to be.

I have been knocked down many times
Told that I can’t face the struggles of the world
But you forgot that I was born as a female, which in itself is an addition of Fe – iron to the male.
I am iron, I am steel
Maybe I’m not a man but I was born to face every damn deal.
You can’t judge my figure, my nature and my colour
Based on my clothes, ideas or gender.
I was born to be as free as you are,
Live the world as merrily and as I can.

Don’t give us the freedom which is shackled,
Let us be free to fly as high as Mallard.

Freedom of expression is not based on gender,
Then why speaking for myself becomes a matter so troublesome.
Let us talk, walk and laugh,
Without having a second thought.
It’s not much to demand
Just the basic rights that we should have in hand.

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