Wonderful Stages of that New Relationship 4

When you get in a new relationship and start dating someone everything feels so good and fresh, the whole world seems to be filled with love. Don’t you start smiling more often? The first kiss…the first hug… New relationship brings with it a lot of hope, freshness, and happiness in our lives. Isn’t it?

Let’s look at the wonderful phases of a new relationship:

1. The Excitement

In the beginning, you feel butterflies in your stomach, you have no idea what’s happening to you, you keep smiling all day, the excitement and happiness can be seen in your eyes. Those text messages will make you sit there smiling at your phone. Right?

2. The Expectations

Hey, it’s just a start and you are bound to be optimistic. You start believing that this was the person you were waiting for, who will change your life, you enjoy the feeling of being with someone special. All phrases like,” I want a new life and I want it with you” suddenly comes to life. Don’t worry, that’s a beauty of it!

3. The Special Feeling

After the initial meeting and dating, you finally realize that you being around him/her, there is a level of comfort in your relationship, finally, you have someone who only loves you and is yours forever. And you get addicted to the way you feel when you’re thinking about that special person. Do you feel that addiction? 😉

4. The Confession

And the day comes when you secretly confess to yourself that addiction for this girl or boy you’re dating. You start feeling everything they say or do is sweet. You find yourself falling in love with this person every day. Now as he/she is the one who keeps you sane and drives you crazy in all the right ways, it’s time to express it.

5. That First Date

You groom and dress up in your best outfit to impress your SO. You enjoy the attention given by him. Dinner could be a great first date. Sharing a romantic meal is so sexy. All time passes and you both keep staring at each other without making many conversations. ShhShhhhhh….words don’t matter! and then that moment comes when you feel to admit your feelings and you say those three magical words’ I LOVE YOU’ and he says….. ‘Me too’.

6. The Hand-holding

That amazing feeling when he holds your hand while crossing the road or when she grabs your arm in a shopping mall it just feels soooo good. And his hand fits in yours like it’s just made for you. Isn’t it?

7. The First Kiss

The first time you touch each other, that first hug, that kiss you had been waiting for, feels so sweet, the first time you physically feel some electric current run through your body and you just can’t get enough of it. Ah, well! I could swear that you heard your souls whisper, ever so quietly.

Still reading??? Hmmmm…. I am sure this article must have taken you back to those times or you must be fantasizing for the same. Yes or no? Do comment and share your experiences.

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5 Things That Make Men Commit 1218

Today, I’m going to reveal five things that will edify you about what men find extremely attractive about women and what you can do that makes men commit. Let’s start with the basics. Below are the two categories in which men can be divided into-

#1 is the dream guy usually not found even with the lantern in under the full moon. He is completely in love with his girlfriend, precisely speaking from every bit and pieces of his body and soul — he treats her like a princess born to be loved and pampered. And as I said, a rare find. So, if you have already found the guy, this article might not really help you but will surely make you smile.

#2 is the kind of guy who can be found anywhere even in the darkness waiting to be found. Basically, the category of men that don’t really care being single— he is the one who doesn’t believe in being in the relationship.

Now, having said that, I would like to further notify you of the fact that while it might appear that #2 are the ones with lion’s share, however, the statistics suggest otherwise. As per a study done in 2013, it was found that 95 percent of men openly admit to commitment. But here’s the catch, the views on commitment differ.

So, brace yourself before I introduce you with a harsh reality.

When he says, “I’m just not ready for a relationship right now,” what he wants to say is, “I’m not ready for a relationship with you.” This points toward the fact that the moment he meets someone he thinks is his cup of coffee, he will readily commit to her because he doesn’t want to risk losing her. Well, so far, you might have understood that men are not commitment freaks but they have a code that needs to be broken.  Don’t you worry! Help me solve this problem for you.

Mentioned below are the five things you need to do to make a guy commit his love for you

  1. Respect Him

Respect is a strong virtue! It has the power to reignite a relationship long after the flames of love and lust have crackled. Many men tend to fall for a woman who respects them over the ones who loves them. It’s on you to figure out the good things in your man and understand why you respect him and express the same to him every now and then. Men, unlike women, are not really flattered by words. I mean, they do like to hear some good words but they don’t sing to their souls.

  1. Let Him Desire You

Ladies, isn’t this exactly what we want? Men are not as conflicting as you think them to be. They are humans and humans crave to be desired. Desire is the game of opposites attract. Make him crave for you. Kiss him unexpectedly, give him lustful stares and leave him wanting you more. He’ll crave you and then he will catch you; he’ll lust for you and then you’ll surrender to him. This is the way men release their tension.

  1. Make Him Feel Secure

Men too, like to lay down their psychological defenses and relax, but it doesn’t happen often. You need to make him feel secure around you. You should give him space where he can show his weaknesses and vulnerabilities to you. This can happen only when you both can trust each other. Express to him that you won’t be judgmental about his choices or actions. Tell him that you’ll always stand by his side when others won’t.

  1. Challenge Him!

Men love challenges. Let me repeat. Men, just, love challenges! Men are competitive and they see challenges as the path to achieve success. This requires you to confront him when you think he’s wrong and not letting him fall when he’s right. Even the very thought of you being able to confront him will challenge him.

  1. Make Him Feel Happy

If you can keep a man happy, he will never leave you. So, the final step is to learn how to keep your man happy. The first thing that you need to understand here is, be yourself. Act crazy, but not insane.

So, now that you are familiar with all the tips and tricks, what are you waiting for? Love him like you do!

4 Biggest Turn-Offs for Women !!! 30

Are you looking for a long-term relationship? or Are you presently dating someone? then it’s important for you to know certain things about women which can act as the biggest turn offs. However, this puts women on the sensitive side. It’s necessary for you to understand that women are guided by emotions more than a man in the context to any situation or event, be it related to their personal or professional lives.

Any negligence in your speaking style or attitude can instantly act as the biggest turn-off for women. These turn offs can be both sexual related as well related to your general lifestyle. To ensure the success of your relationship, it is necessary for you to learn them thoroughly so that you can avoid them. Have a look at some of the biggest turn-off for women.

Have a look at some of the biggest turn-off for women.

  1. Self-praise

It’s not good to be over confident, despite knowing this fact if you continue this attitude, it can turn off the mood of your lady love. This doesn’t mean that women don’t appreciate a man who is poised. But they definitely, dislike guys who overdo this. Usually, overconfidence is seen as an act of adoring your image. This makes a woman feel humiliated and considered less important. Hence, don’t show too much of confidence in anything you do when you are with your lady. Or else, be ready to welcome the void in your relationship.

  1. Talking about your Ex

This is something you should avoid at any cost no matter how much you feel like discussing your ex in a given situation, you should never do this, it’s one of the biggest turn-offs for women. Doing so will develop an image of you not being able to get over your past relationship in your lady. Remember your Ex is your past. So why not leave that behind and move forward? Well, if you can’t get over this, then better stay away from heading with any new relationship. Or else at the end of the day, your talks about your Ex will keep both you and the lady frustrated with the development of a communication and emotional gap in the relation.

  1. Being over instructional

You may have good experience and skills in the bedroom, but don’t instruct your lady in the bedroom, especially at the initial stage of intimacy. It is necessary to understand that there are several rights and wrong ways of encouraging a woman to do stuff the way you like, first let her do what she feels comfortable with. It is natural to make love as it strengthens a relationship. Instructing a woman about how to do and what not to do will end up seizing the true natural experience you both will have from love making and will also hurt her feelings.

  1. Sex obsession

As a man, you enjoy sex because of the fun and relaxation you feel. Though this is natural, if you are sex obsessed, then this will depict you as a creepy guy in front of your girl. Again, if you don’t express any sexual interest, that will create a childlike image of you to the girl. At the same time, remember that women consider the emotional bond to be the fuel kindles intimacy. So, don’t be sex-obsessed and let the emotions you both share, do its work.

It is true that with the growing span of the relationship, your lady will gain interest and will be ready to hear about your past life, your likes/dislikes and so but it is also important to reach that stage and let her initiate these type of conversations.