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Working after kids is a difficult decision. Isn’t it?

While going through the videos on the facebook, in different groups, yesterday I saw a very horrifying video, where the maid who was taking care of a two-year small child on their flat. While working mother was away, she has trusted the maid with taking perfect care of her piece of heart. But what the CCTV camera video was showing, that was horrifying. I cannot express in words how I felt when I saw the maid illtreating and beating mercilessly two-year-old given to her to take care.

With eyes full of tears, I looked away from my phone screen and shivered away with pain. I could relate the pain of the mother, as six years ago, when I left my six months old daughter to join back my office. After 8 months of maternity leave, my office was already sending me reminders to join back. Though I was not at all willing to leave my little angel alone, but my husband and in-laws prompted me to join back.

” Why have you studied so much, to sit back home and handle kids, no never, rather go ahead and pursue your ambitions, I’ll look after her don’t worry, after all, I have raised my own three kids too. ” said my mother-in-law.  So finally. I agreed to join back my office and pursue my career.

I still remember, how anxious I was, that whole night, with the idea of going to the office and leaving my little one at home. Though I live with my in-laws and have a very loving and caring mother-in-law, but leaving my own child, without me, the whole day, at least for 8 hours was difficult. ” Why I am doing this? ” asked my heart. ” After everything you are doing this for your daughter so that she is proud when she sees you as a successful individual.” answered my heart.

I got up early, took a bath, arranged each of her daily use clothes, nappies, diapers, toiletries, feeding bottle, medicines, and rattles all at an easy place so that my mother-in-law or anybody in the home can see them whenever they need them. My house maid also comforted me, ” Bhabhi , I’ll help badi madam too, to handle your daughter, I too have small kids, I know how do you feel. But don’t worry and go ahead.”

As I got ready, my mother-in-law packed my lunchbox too with extra eating stuff, since I too was going to the office after maternity leave and needed more care as per her. But I was least concerned about myself. I was just holding my daughter, feeding her till last minute and thinking what will she do after every two hours.

As I started my car, put it in reverse gear to take it out of parking outside my home, I felt that tear rolling down my cheeks. I stopped, open my door, rushed back upstairs to my room to see her and there she was calmly sleeping in the lap of her Dadi. My husband came from behind and asked me to calm down and go ahead. All through my drive, I was thinking, “how weak one becomes after becoming a mother?”.

The time in what we are living today is simply competitive. Where both husband and wife have to work just not to survive but yes, to achieve their respective goals in lives. Many of my relatives with old mentality found it a harsh decision, to leave my little daughter at home like this, to pursue my career. Others asked, ” Ki lod hai ( what is the need), don’t your hubby earn that much ?”. Even at the office, people were sympathetic towards my plight. But with the support of my husband and my lovely family, I was working more efficiently now.

There are very few lucky working women like me, who get such a supporting family to pursue their dreams and see the world. Family, who do not wish to hold back the “Bahu” of the house with responsibilities towards family and kids, rather be independent and show her real talent.

I must confess, my heart always melts for each working woman in this world, who leave her kids, her heart at home and look forward to work for future of her kids and of course her own identity.

Now, when I reach back home, my six years old daughter and two years old son, run to hug me happily and then discuss their day with me in their own language. I slightly pat my back that with the grace of God and support of my family, I am earning much to give them secure future and obviously a proud professional.

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