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Ye kahan aa gaye hum…!

Indians are crazy for two things. Guess what? Hey, you are right!

It’s Bollywood and cricket. You want to sell anything here, just add a pinch of Bollywood or cricket in it and see the magic.

And our restaurant walas are also in the race so, if you’re a Hindi movie buff or a real “film addict”, Mumbai Matinee -the Bollywood Cafe is definitely a secret gem for you located in the heart of Delhi – Shahpur Jat.

As the name suggests, this Bollywood themed cafe is really impressive. Hats off to the owners who have made this place so unique and interesting. A narrow red curvy ladder takes you up with celebrities gazing at you. Decorated with those 90’s audio cassettes, the stairs will take you back to your childhood memory lane and the fun it was to roll cassettes back with a pencil.

Walk into the outlet, the amazing inside is decorated with inverted umbrellas & bright red walls with the old chart-busters in the background that will take you to the 90’s and 80’s era. Beautifully preserved posters and artefacts with two mics dangling down reminds you of Mithun Da’s ‘ I Am a Disco Dancer’.You will even find table tops, tissue holders dedicated to actors and actresses. What detailing man!!

And then you will be handed over a menu which looks no less than a Bollywood newspaper. From soups, pastas, sandwiches, wraps, foot longs, risottos, savories, burgers to Bun Makhan with Cutting Chai to Masala cheese toasties, Missel Pau and Keema Kulcha, it has all. Not only these but the menu also has Kapoors, Bachchan, Madhubala, Nutan, Dilip Kumar, Devanand, Smita Patil, Dipti Naval etc etc etc….the list is endless!

After eating here, I must say the quality and quantity is not only mind boggling but pocket-friendly too! Be it food or ambience, you will be left with praises for this place.

Whether you are out for a date or an outing with parents and family, you can relive the Bollywood era that has gone by and makes you love Bollywood even more.

Beautiful & away from the chaos, this place is a must visit.

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