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You are my star…MOM!!!

Yesterday, I was going through the history of Mother’s Day, just to help my first-grade daughter to complete a school assignment. As others, I have always celebrated Mother Day while wishing my mother with love, sending her flowers or cake, buying her new dress or jewelry and last year booked a Spa appointment for her too, so that she can pamper herself.

” Ki lod hai, Bas tusi bacche kush raho, mainu kucch nai chahida. ( there is no need to do anything, you children remain happy, I need nothing else) “, My mother would always say that, whenever I or my brothers gift her something. Today when I have become a mother myself, I realize why was she using this “dialogue” always.

MAA, Mom, Mumma, mummy, mama, aai or amma, whatever you call her even if you call her with her nickname, she will listen to you each time, right. So, it is a word to be celebrated always. Why?. Why only we need to celebrate this motherhood occasion just once a year? Because what a mother does or can do in a lifetime for her kids cannot be summed up in a gift, wrapped and gifted.

Actually, this celebration should not be completed in one day or summed up in one gift or so.  For a mother, these gifts are really nothing, really, I mean it.

When she was pregnant, she was carrying you with even more care that she could give to even herself. She faced, nausea, vomits, acidity, backaches, swollen feet and what not in those nine months. Through labor, she took the pain that would have killed her even, but she kept her courage to push you in life.

From the first very moment, she took her in her lap to feed, she had made a point in her life that she will feed you first, come whatever it may be. She will wait for you to come back and eat before sleep or even if you demand, she will cook in the middle of the night for you.

From the first bath she gave you, she knew that water temperature will be tested on her skin first before it touches you. She will make sure you take bath with water at a right temperature only.

From the first time you were ill, she has wept whole time, cursing it’s her fault, she failed taking care of you. She should have been more careful with everything that surrounds you.

From your first step of yours, she has made sure that you are on the right way and in right direction.

From the first word that you spoke, she has made sure she listens to your every word and understand it even it is unsaid.

From your first day at school, she has prayed and struggled each morning, to make you reach school and your ultimate goal as desired.

From your first achievement, she has wished you much more always.

What ever you do, how so ever you look and what so ever happen to you, for your mother, you are her jewel and that too, the best one.

Apart from all, the sacrifices and efforts that she has made, just for your one smile are uncountable.

So, rather than celebrating and finishing the whole meaning of motherhood in one day, we should make sure to celebrate her part in our life every moment, isn’t it?

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