and Room number 102! 2

It was a wonderful cold busy morning. Natasha was busy preparing tiffins for her school going kids. Running from kitchen to dining table in the morning was an everyday task for her. The little one wanted to drink his milk from mumma. So, she just took a 2min break and made Duggu finished his glass of milk.

So, the kids were off to school and Naren(her husband )was out on an official trip. She quickly gave breakfast to her MIL and got ready for her office. It was 9:30 am.

“Ma, come close the door. I am leaving for the office and I will be little late today,” she said. But, it was not a usual call, her heart was heavy and her hands shivered as she was coming out of the house.

“Achcha Beta,” replied her MIL and closed the gate.

Natasha took an OLA. Something was making her nervous and she could hear her heartbeat.

“Bhaiya, M. G Road chalo,” (her office was in Rajouri then why M G Road?)

She got down from the taxi and there was a big black Audi waiting for her on the other side of the road.

She crossed the road and Aman opened the door of that black beauty for her.

……..Wondering who’s Aman??

Aman is a dashing, handsome man who is also her old school mate. Natasha was also a simple, happy go lucky types, beautiful and attractive girl during her school days and had a major crush on him. But as she belonged to a conservative family, never shared her feelings with him and was married as soon as she completed her college.

It was a typical Indian household scene, she was never asked for her opinion. But as any other young girl, she also had dreams of marrying a handsome, good looking and successful man who could just admire her beauty and make her feel like a princess. But was married to Naren who was a short, heavy and regular guy from a middle-class family. She didn’t say ‘No’ coz she was not supposed to. 😐

Today, she is a mother of two & with 10 yrs of married life with Naren, she had no complaints. He was responsible, taking care of her and kids very well. Yet, deep inside Natasha could never love him coz he was not a match to her fantasy. But the life went on…….and so the emptiness inside her!

Just a month back, Aman joined Natasha’s office as the CEO and within no time the old school friends came closer and started spending time with each other. Life once again became a fairy tale for her. Aman was not only handsome but caring guy with an absolutely amazing sense of humour. Natasha really enjoyed his company and so did he.

Today was the first day that both of them decided to spend some time together outside the office.

“Where are we going?”, asked Natasha. She was looking absolutely stunning in a chiffon saree.

“To a place where I can dive into your eyes and nobody is watching”, said Aman with a fishy smile.

That smile made Natasha nervous..real nervous. Aman never talked romantic like this to her.

They just entered the gate of a five-star hotel in Gurgaon.

“Let’s go to a restaurant. Why here?” asked Natasha

Aman stopped the car and gave his keys to the valet parking guy. Held her hand and took her to the reception.

“ I am Aman Chopra and I have a booking here”

“Oh shit!! we are going to a room”, said Natasha to herself but could not say no to Aman.

“Natasha take these keys and go to room 102. I will be there in 5 mins”, Aman instructed.

She took the keys and took the elevator. She was Numb.

She opened the lock and went in. It was a superbly beautiful room as she used to see in magazines. She was amazed. She felt as if her wish is coming true.

Why am I nervous? Why I am not happy?……, thoughts were pondering in her mind.

And she sat on the bed. It was a soft, spongy bed with a beautiful plain pink coloured bed sheet on it. And she remembered her honeymoon, Naren had booked a small cottage to make her feel special and it had a pink plain bed sheet on the bed. She was dressed in a saree, shy and nervy.

Today again she is in a saree, nervous, cold and shivering but it was different ….really different….and what was to happen was conflicting..…

With thoughts and memories boggling her mind, a knock on the door and Aman was in the room. Natasha felt weak and frail. As Aman came near, her shivering got noticeable.

Should I do this…..what about Naren…my marriage….his trust…his love….my kids….family…what if they all come to know….my own conscience….. Will I be able to forgive myself…..…….

It was an utter chaos and noise in her mind.

Suddenly, it was quiet…..calm…silence as Aman held her hand.

He just said that “Natasha, I know you like me and have liked me since school days. I know you fantasize about your life with me. I know you have unfulfilled desires, I can see it in your eyes coz even I like you but……as a friend and as a true friend I want to tell you something. Can I?”

“ Yes, of course, Aman”, said Natasha with a low voice.

He continued,” Natasha I Agree that we all want to live our lives as per our desires but believe me, but sometimes situations are stronger than our desires. But, to betray our life partners in the name of fulfilling our desires or other fantasies would be really selfish. My purpose of bringing you here was just to make you feel what you are feeling right now. When you are not able to take this guilt for a few minutes now, how will you carry the burden of this guilt for life?  Naren is a good man and today if you cheat on him, maybe he doesn’t come to know, but what about your own conscience? Can you pay this price for the fulfilment of your desires? I am sure NO.”

Natasha could not believe her ears. This was all that she wanted to tell him. She held his hand and gave a kiss on his hand. It was not out of love but respect she was feeling for him.

“ I am so lucky to have Naren as my life partner and you as my bestest friend. Thanks buddy!” she smiled and got up to leave.

She reached home early. She was feeling so light and free.

“ Natasha, tu to late aane wali thi?” asked her MIL.

“Ma, aaj Naren wapis aa rahe hain to socha unka favorite dinner banau isliye chutti le li”, said Natasha with twinkling eyes.

She wore Naren’s favorite red saree to look her best for no one but Naren and cooked a sumptuous dinner that day. That night first time in her life she gave a sensual hug to Naren.

“Aaj kya baat hai…kuch alag sa hai!” asked Naren.

“Aaj tum bahut handsome lag rahe ho isliye”, laughed Natasha making her hug even tighter and felt to be his wife deep inside.


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5 Things That Make Men Commit 1218

Today, I’m going to reveal five things that will edify you about what men find extremely attractive about women and what you can do that makes men commit. Let’s start with the basics. Below are the two categories in which men can be divided into-

#1 is the dream guy usually not found even with the lantern in under the full moon. He is completely in love with his girlfriend, precisely speaking from every bit and pieces of his body and soul — he treats her like a princess born to be loved and pampered. And as I said, a rare find. So, if you have already found the guy, this article might not really help you but will surely make you smile.

#2 is the kind of guy who can be found anywhere even in the darkness waiting to be found. Basically, the category of men that don’t really care being single— he is the one who doesn’t believe in being in the relationship.

Now, having said that, I would like to further notify you of the fact that while it might appear that #2 are the ones with lion’s share, however, the statistics suggest otherwise. As per a study done in 2013, it was found that 95 percent of men openly admit to commitment. But here’s the catch, the views on commitment differ.

So, brace yourself before I introduce you with a harsh reality.

When he says, “I’m just not ready for a relationship right now,” what he wants to say is, “I’m not ready for a relationship with you.” This points toward the fact that the moment he meets someone he thinks is his cup of coffee, he will readily commit to her because he doesn’t want to risk losing her. Well, so far, you might have understood that men are not commitment freaks but they have a code that needs to be broken.  Don’t you worry! Help me solve this problem for you.

Mentioned below are the five things you need to do to make a guy commit his love for you

  1. Respect Him

Respect is a strong virtue! It has the power to reignite a relationship long after the flames of love and lust have crackled. Many men tend to fall for a woman who respects them over the ones who loves them. It’s on you to figure out the good things in your man and understand why you respect him and express the same to him every now and then. Men, unlike women, are not really flattered by words. I mean, they do like to hear some good words but they don’t sing to their souls.

  1. Let Him Desire You

Ladies, isn’t this exactly what we want? Men are not as conflicting as you think them to be. They are humans and humans crave to be desired. Desire is the game of opposites attract. Make him crave for you. Kiss him unexpectedly, give him lustful stares and leave him wanting you more. He’ll crave you and then he will catch you; he’ll lust for you and then you’ll surrender to him. This is the way men release their tension.

  1. Make Him Feel Secure

Men too, like to lay down their psychological defenses and relax, but it doesn’t happen often. You need to make him feel secure around you. You should give him space where he can show his weaknesses and vulnerabilities to you. This can happen only when you both can trust each other. Express to him that you won’t be judgmental about his choices or actions. Tell him that you’ll always stand by his side when others won’t.

  1. Challenge Him!

Men love challenges. Let me repeat. Men, just, love challenges! Men are competitive and they see challenges as the path to achieve success. This requires you to confront him when you think he’s wrong and not letting him fall when he’s right. Even the very thought of you being able to confront him will challenge him.

  1. Make Him Feel Happy

If you can keep a man happy, he will never leave you. So, the final step is to learn how to keep your man happy. The first thing that you need to understand here is, be yourself. Act crazy, but not insane.

So, now that you are familiar with all the tips and tricks, what are you waiting for? Love him like you do!

Thunderous Thirty !!!! 2001

When we are in our early twenties, we spend most of the time figuring out what we want from our lives. And by the time we enter the late twenties, we get hit with the harsh reality that life has changed at a rapid rate. If you are on the verge of turning 30 very soon or have already stepped in your 30’s, then here are few things you should know about an age that is officially called adulthood:

  1. You Stop Giving F**K About What Others Think!

Yes, you heard it right! Don’t get offended but this is the truth, now that you have attained plenty of first-hand life experiences, you stop getting affected by “Log Kya Kahenge”, instead you develop that attitude which says, “Logo Ka Kaam Hai Kehna”. You just don’t have the patience and energy to worry about what and how people will react to your every little decision. So, here you are free to share your opinions and ideas.

  1. You comprehend some things are not in your control

Once you turn 30, you get an understanding that everyone in this world is not here to please you and vice versa. You do try to change things and some habits in others for their good, but after a certain number of tries, you automatically realize that few things are not in your control.

  1. You Learn to Ignore 

At this age, you bear one important understanding or thing in your mind, “Ignorance is Bliss. You realize that there are certain individuals and things that aren’t as significant as you thought they were when you were in your 20’s. Nor do others behavior and actions have any effect on you.

  1. You Start Owning your Actions

While you turn 30, you grasp that you have started taking the responsibility and ownership of every decision and action you take. Then let it be on profession front or personal life Be it something you are proud of or something that went wrong.

  1. You Do What You Think Is Right

This is the time of your life when you take control of your life, you start holding the reins of your life in your hands. Thus, you don’t seek anyone’s approval for things that matter. You prefer to consult your inner voice and do as per your wish. You don’t fear the repercussions and are confident to face failure too.

  1. You Learn to Let Go

By the time, you turn 30 you understand that life doesn’t come with a sure shot guarantee of achieving success in every phase of life, professionally or personally. You realize that it’s okay to let go things for your inner peace.

Thirty is a new beginning of your life, you develop many qualities as well discover many amazing and wonderful things about yourself and people around you.